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Flash vs Flash Builder (Flex)

I’ve spent the last few months getting extremely integrated with Flash Builder (Flex). Working almost exclusively in Flash before this opportunity, I can honestly say that Flash and Flash Builder (Flex) are two different beasts with their own quarks and challenges. To help our community of Flash Designers & Developers decide which program will be […] App Upgrades With User Raves recently upgraded their iPhone App to 2.0 & it has been received with HUGE kudos by its members. In recent days, upgraded their iPhone application and have been piling up the 5-star ratings! Starting with a design face lift, all of graphics are much more modern & clean. The layouts went through a […] makes friends with random chat

It looks like there is another random chat website out there that is pushing random chat in a new direction. This website is (Casual Communication). This website requires people to create a log-in & and gives users the chance to friend the random people they meet on the website and reconnect with them when […]

A dropdown without all the baggage : Actionscript 3 dropdown less than 10K

It came to my attention that the comboBox component in actionscript 3 was a whopping 40+K. In most situations, you could absorb this file size based on the need you have and the overall functionality of the application you are building. Unfortunately, this dropdown was being used in a banner that needed to be south […]

Desperately Seeking “_root”

When learning AS3, there is one lesson that can be hard to overcome. This lesson is “stop using _root”. Due to all of the object-oriented reasons and solid programming standards, I understand the need to push developers away from _root. But, there are times when _root can be useful. For users like myself I have […]